I’ve been in education nearly my entire life. I started kindergarten at age five and finished my Ph.D. when I was 32, with an 18-month break in there somewhere.

Since then I’ve been teaching at the college and seminary level. I’ve also taught Sunday School classes for toddlers, teens, and adults. And I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of sermons and Sunday School lessons. Suffice it to say I’ve heard (and delivered) my fair share of duds.

I’m working at my church now to develop its education program. It’s a pet project of mine because I believe the church is best served when its people are best equipped. In thinking through what my local church needs, I’ve come up with some broad principles for recruiting and training sound—and engaging—teachers I hope will be helpful in your local church context as well.

Russ Meek

Associate Professor of Old Testament at William Tennent School of Theology