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Reading Psalms with Survivors of Abuse

Criswell Theological Review

Imprecatory psalms—or better named, justice psalms—offer trauma survivors a model by which to engage with God after experiencing trauma, along with the corollary to this position—that the imprecatory psalms offer Christians a way to enter into the suffering of those around us.

The Meaning of Hebel in Qohelet: An Intertextual Suggestion

The Words of the Wise Are like Goads: Engaging Qohelet in the 21st Century

The Abishag Episode: Re-examining the Role of Virility in 1 Kings 1:1–4 in Light of the Kirtu Cycle and the Sumerian Folktale of the Old Man and the Young Woman

Bulletin for Biblical Research

Wisdom Literature and the “Center” of the Old Testament

Criswell Theological Review

Fear God and Enjoy His Gifts: Qohelet’s Edenic Vision of Life

Criswell Theological Review

With Christ on the Road to Emmaus

Journal for Baptist Ministry and Theology

Truly God is Good: Suffering in Old Testament Perspective

Journal of Spiritual Formation & Soul Care

This article discusses the concepts of suffering, retribution theology (sometimes called retributive justice), and the goodness of God in the Old Testament.

O God, Break the Teeth in Their Mouths

Journal for Baptist Theology & Ministry

Twentieth- and Twenty-first-century Readings of Hebel (הֶבֶל) in Ecclesiastes

Currents in Biblical Research 14

“I Was King over Israel in Jerusalem”: Inerrancy and Authorial Ambiguity in Ecclesiastes

Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament

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